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Opening Times

Monday to Friday  0800 - 1700
Saturday  0800 - 1100
Sunday Closed - vehicle returns only

I will be using the Dartford Crossing, How Do I Pay?

You cannot pay in cash at the barriers if you are using the Dartford Crossing any more.

The crossing charge depends on your vehicle and account type.

Charges apply between 6am and 10pm every day, including Christmas and other bank holidays.

You must pay by midnight the day after you cross.

Current charges for a single journey (as at April 2016) are:

  • Cars (including trailers), motorhomes, passenger vans and buses with less than 9 seats - £2.50
  • 2 axle goods vehicles (including vans) - £3.00

The payment service is called Dart ChargeClick here to arrange your payment.